The migration process from the FSF hardware database to the h-node hardware database has been concluded. Thanks to all the contributors!
If you insert a new printer to h-node, please try to verify if the printer tracks users (see here) and fill the entry named "does it adopt any techniques to track users?"
The h-node project aims at the construction of a hardware database in order to identify what devices work with a fully free operating system. The h-node.org website is structured like a wiki in which all the users can modify or insert new contents. The h-node project is developed in collaboration and as an activity of the FSF.
You can contribute by creating an account at h-node.org and editing its user-generated contents. All your modification will be saved in the history of the product you are editing/adding. Each revision (the current one or the old ones) will be marked by the name of the user who created it.
You can also contribute by suggesting new hardware that should be added to the database or features that should be implemented.
Free software:
You are allowed to add only devices tested with GNU/Linux distributions that are considered fully free, according to the Free Software Foundation definition of free software (you can find the list of the fully free GNU/Linux distributions in the help page).
Any text submitted by you will be put in the Public Domain (see the CC0 page for detailed information). Anyone is free to copy, modify, publish, use, sell, or distribute the text you have submitted to h-node.org, for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and by any means.
Other resources on the net:

Here is a list of other archives collecting information about hardware working with free software:

About the h-node.org website:
The h-node.org has to be considered in beta version. It is constantly growing and many features have not been implemented yet (for example new hardware devices have to be inserted in the database). Some problems may occur: if you find out a bug please add an issue here with the topic maybe a bug.
h-node.org is a hardware database project. It runs the h-source PHP software, version SVN-387, available under the GNU General Public (GPLv3) License.
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